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The new style in vast airport terminals

I hadn’t realized how much giant, open-span main terminals now dominate airport design. Some examples I’ve been in recently:

Kuala Lumpur, via flickr

Singapore, via flickr

Heathrow Terminal 5, via flickr

Hong Kong, via flickr


  1. They all pretty much look the same. I’ve started to use the bathroom facilities as a telling-apart point.

  2. Don’t forget the new Mexico City terminal.

    And I concur with Mary-Lynn. I haven’t been to SIN in a lot of years, but I remember being favorably impressed by their toilet facilities. Though I’d been backpacking through Indonesia, so my perspective was a bit off.

  3. Nice photographs of the new breed of airport design. 🙂

    If I may ask, what is your favorite–in terms of design–among all the airports you’ve ever been to?


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