I have tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, so I need to get this posted quickly.

My trip to St Petersburg has been short– any trip where you get in late and go right to sleep, the wake up the next morning and immediately call the airline to do early checkin for your return flight is, by definition, short– but it’s been pleasant. We have a really good client we worked with here, which always goes a long way to making an experience good. And St Petersburg is more pleasant than I expected: it’s not very big or exciting, but quite nice. I can see why people live her.

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The hotel has also been nice. It’s a 1920s hotel, restored to its former glory, and is an excellent example of Roaring 20s Florida Mediterranean Hospitality Style. Though a couple things confuse me a bit. For one thing, there’s this really complex thing over the bed:

Overdone bed decoration
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Fortunately the painting is bolted down, but the first time I saw it, I thought, that thing’s going to kill me in my sleep. Obviously it hasn’t, but still, that’s not the kind of thought that interior decorating should inspire.

Then there’s the furnishing of the bath: lemongrass bath soap, mint thyme shampoo, yuzu bergamot body lotion, and lavender hand soap. Apparently the cool thing now is to feel like you’re taking a shower in the kitchen of an upscale Vietnamese restaurant. (Actually, the lemongrass bath soap rocked.)

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After work my colleague and I found a nice tapas and ceviche restaurant near the marina, and had dinner.

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We then walked along the marina, which was crowded with people doing some kind of charity race. It was nice to be out and about with so many people.

Evening walk in St Petersburg
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