I leave tomorrow for the Association of University Research Parks winter conference, in St Petersburg, Florida.

This is the first time I’ve traveled anywhere with my iPod, and already it’s having an impact. Rather than putting the address of phone number of the hotel in my trusty Moleskine notebook, I put the hotel, Supershuttle, airline, and a couple local art museums in my address book, and created a new group called “Alex’s Current Trip.” I figure whenever I go somewhere, I can fill it with local stuff. It should be handy.

I also find myself doing two things differently when I create addresses. First, I grab the complete address, not just enough to tell a cab driver. And second, I don’t bother to copy the directions. Why? Because I figure that I’ll use the map program and built-in GPS to generate directions when I’m on the ground. But to do that, I need good (i.e., comprehensive) street address information. Thanks to the map program, my personal economy of information has changed. I don’t need directions. I need the information that will help me generate accurate directions.

I’m staying at the Renaissance Vinoy, which is one of the few hotels to have a marina, golf course, AND tennis. Not that I’ll use anything more sophisticated than a bar or hot tub. And for some reason the pictures remind me of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. However, it’s within walking distance of two decent-looking museums (alas the Salavador Dali museum is not one of them), but I’m not sure I’ll have time to swing by either one. But I know they’re there.

One thing I wish I could do with iCal is set up an event that has several different dates associated with it. So, for example, if I’m going on a business trip, I’d like an event (or a reminder) a week before that says “Take everything to the dry cleaner / shoe repair.” Five days before, “Read c.v.s of people you’re meeting.” Two days before, “Find suitcase and do laundry.” The day before, a whole slew of things: pack clothes, print out confirmations, check weather, etc., etc.. I don’t want to have to create these; I want them to be automatically generated when I create a trip.