Yesterday I started noticing that friends’ Facebook and Twitter updates were saying things like, “Making soup for the Peninsula Craft Fair.” Yep, we’re all doing it.


I spent much of yesterday making chicken noodle soup (it’s a lot more chicken than noodles, and I put in more vegetables than the recipe calls for, too– I hope people don’t mind), while my wife made about 200 cupcakes, each topped off with a gummi bear. Apparently cupcakes with gummi bears sell for a lot more.


This morning I took my wife and daughter over to school a little early, so they could set up the Girl Scout table, and I could deliver cupcakes.


The place was a quiet beehive, with people in coats and scarves setting up their tables and putting out their wares. The vendors are a mix of local artists and crafts people, and Peninsula groups or parents (and of course, there’s some overlap between the first and second categories.


My son and I are back home, warming the soup (in my case) and playing DS (in his case). Back to it in a few minutes.