• "This article presents some initial thoughts… on mobile connectivity and media, and their emergence as portable microworlds or pocket technospaces."
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  • "In a world and an epoch where screens pervade a great many aspects of human experience, we submit that [Heideggerian] phenomenology… can provide an interesting and novel basis for our understanding of screens."
  • This article reports on a multiyear study of experts dealing with security on the Korean Peninsula. It examines how experts learn and what can derail rational updating. Three factors common to much of the work in security studies contribute to the problem: the tendency to treat the intentions of other actors as unknowable private information that is beyond empirical examination; the inclination to believe that power provides a parsimonious explanation, even though it is multifaceted and dependent on numerous components; and the penchant for engaging in “factor wars” over which causal factors are most important while paying little attention to the cumulative and interactive effect of multiple factors. Collectively, these three factors produce overconfidence in hindsight and leave experts prisoners to their preconceptions.