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Happy birthday, Elizabeth

My daughter turns ten today. No more single-digit birthdays. For the next 90 years, it’s double digits for you, girl!

In 2003

In 2009

I can’t really quite believe it. It doesn’t feel like it’s been ten years.

It also doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging about her (and her brother) for six years.

And no, she didn’t have a perm when she was four. Her hair has straightened out. She also tends not to dress like a Grateful Dead fan these days.


  1. Wow, I am just lucky. I have a beautiful daughter, and a husband who takes beautiful photos. How cool is that?

  2. And she still remembers our wedding. Happy birthday!

  3. Well happy birthday, hopefully the next 10 years go just as fast, because teenagers are difficult.

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