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Making the rounds…

…rather like its subject:


First sighted here. Track the spread of the image on Twitter.

And as Luis Bettencourt, David Kaiser, et al showed, ideas do spread like infections. (Or more specifically, the diffusion of Feynman diagrams in the late 1940s and 1950s can be modeled using the same mathematical models used to understand epidemics.

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  1. The fascinating thing about this picture is the reactions it engenders today as opposed to the response anyone would have had a few weeks ago. Looking at that picture a few weeks would have produced a chuckle, perhaps a little laugh or a comment about ‘oh how sweet, possibly a quick thought about where that pigs nose had been a few moments before the child licks it but overall a warm fuzzy feeling would have emerged from the picture. Today the same picture produces a feeling of dread! And the pig’s smile – instead of looking joyful and playful seems to be grim and menacing. Go figure.

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