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First I made it onto BoingBoing. Then Jess’ Sad Guys on Trading Floors got nominated for a Webby. Then, I discovered that Princeton professor, Renaissance historian, fellow ex-American Scholar board member, and all-around nice guy Anthony Grafton has finally done something he can be proud of: his son Sam– who I don’t think is named after the character in Shane— had a hilarious letter read on The Bugle, my favorite podcast of all time. (Bugle 70, near the end. It’s the letter about penis-shaped helicopters. I’ve never heard John and Andy laugh so much at a letter.) Clearly our eventual collective dominance of all media is inevitable.


  1. Hey, Alex, thanks for letting Boing Boing know about the zipper dress at the Britannica blog.


  2. The zipper dress made it, too???

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