• "Members of CubeSat Team SJSU reach for the skies as they continue to build "ReadySat Go," a small cube-shaped satellite that will one day be launched into orbit. ReadySat Go, which will be about the size of a small Kleenex box, is a communications satellite. "The quickest way to say it is, it's an answering machine in space," said Eric Stackpole, a senior mechanical engineering major and the club president. "You send a message up and it records that message. Then when it flies over a different part of the Earth, it can send that message back down.""
  • In Fall 2007, Eric Stackpole had a crazy idea: what if a bunch of students, unguided by professors, decided to build a satellite… for fun? The result was CubeSat Team SJSU, a group of multitalented, multifaceted students at San Jose State University.

    Our current project is ReadySat Go, a 1kg CubeSat satellite with store-and-forward capabilities, built with a "do more, with less" philosophy. Our goal is to find out for ourselves what it takes to make it into space, without the threat of failing grades or apathetic lab partners.