Last week my daughter’s class held its annual Penny Carnival. The Penny Carnival is one of the cooler things that Peninsula does, and is a great example of how school events bring together the older and younger kids.

In the penny carnival, kids from the lower school come to the fourth grade class to do activities, like face painting and petting animals. They also bring their stuffies, and leave them in stuffie day care.

I noticed that one of the stuffie day care areas was something she had made at home a few days before: a little stuffie-sized cafe.


I asked how she chose a cafe. She explained that they wanted something global. “We had the London Eye, and an Eiffel tower from Paris,” she explained. “But we also wanted something American. So I made a cafe.”

When I was growing up, cafes were things we read about in travel books. Now, they’re so ubiquitous my daughter (who’s spent plenty of time in them, thanks to me) can consider them quintessentially American.

She later added that this particular stuffie cafe is located in New Jersey.