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Ah Ryanair, will you never cease pushing the boundaries of customer service?

My nemesis, Ryanair (which I flew several times last year), has announced a brave new era in customer service:

RyanAir this week announced that they will soon eliminate all airport check-in counters and require passengers to carry-on their luggage. Starting early next year, passengers will need to schlep their bags through airport security and drop them at the steps of the plane for checking into plane’s cargo hold. Once aboard though, there will be gambling!

Not exactly going to have Virgin Air quaking in its boots.

My favorite comment: “It’s like Ryanair has ceased to become an air carrier and has become a Brecktean improv group.”

[h/t to Nancy]


  1. Ah, Ryanair. I recently forgot to print my boarding pass, so had to check in at the airport. After waiting in line for half an hour, they told me I’d have to pay 20 Euros for check-in, but at another counter.

    The other counter told me that had been a mistake – it wasn’t 20 Euros, because Ryanair had recently doubled the fee. 40 Euros for check-in.

    I’m sure they wear those blue Ryanair uniforms in hell. I’ve vowed to never fly with them again.

  2. I think they must be some kind of evil sociology experiment. It’s so obvious that they’re not really interested in customer service or the romance of air travel (though anyone who’s been in Stanstead at 4 am will rapidly have any notions of the glamour of travel beaten out of them!)… they must be studying how people respond ot bad service, bait-and-switch tactics, hidden fees, etc..

  3. And for an opposite kind of airline, see the article about Air New Zealand’s new ad campaign ( (The article links to the in-flight announcements – make sure to see the ad at )

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