She doesn’t mention it, but the problem she describes is one that people have when thinking about the future, too:

Who is better off if you live and I die? Is one morally obliged to go around impregnating women? Is the repugnant conclusion repugnant? Is secret genocide OK? Does it matter if humanity goes extinct? Why shouldn’t we kill people? Is pity for the dead warranted?

All these discussions come down to the same question often: whether to care about the interests of people who don’t exist but could.

I shan’t directly argue either way; care about whatever you like. I want to show that most of the arguments against caring about the non-existent which repeatedly come up in casual discussion rely on two errors.

[To the tune of Keith Jarrett Trio, “You’ve Changed,” from the album The Out Of Towners (I give it 2 stars).]