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The silliest thing I saw in London

When Jonathan and I were walking to dinner Thursday night, we saw two guys going into the window of a townhouse.

via flickr

As you can see, the guys are trying to get into an upper-story window, and the ladder isn’t tall enough. So they have the bottom of it balanced on the wrought-iron fence, and the top of it against the wall of the building.

Part of me thought “Darwin Award,” but maybe when you live in England you’re taught that balancing ladders on wrought-iron fences is the safe way to work. And the guy made it in, so it worked.

via flickr

Plus, the guys looked old enough to have been doing this for a long time. If they could survive the Blitz, they’re entitled to balance ladders on fences to make it easier to climb through upper-story windows.


  1. Fancy neighbourhood- are you sure these weren’t two ageing MI5 spooks breaking into the Iranian Embassy to steal nuclear secrets?

  2. You know, that hadn’t occurred to me. But I always assumed MI5 would be smoother than this. At the very least they’d have a better ladder!

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