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And I thought the family BBQ was the only fun thing to do tomorrow

Newt Gingrich– or his tech people, or someone– is holding a Twitter reenactment— a Twitternactment, natch!– of the Battle of Trenton on Sunday.

Despite the fact that a few teachers have used Twitter to “reenact” historic events, it still makes my head hurt, mainly because “Twitternachtment” sounds like a bunch of Web 2.0 fanatics going on an anti-semitic rampage.

I think I’ll stick with making dinner for everyone.

[To the tune of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, “Spirit In The Night,” from the album Live 1975-85 (I give it 2 stars).]

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  1. I’ll admit it’s a bit geeky to reenact history via Twitter. I would much rather be physically present for a reenactment, and I have been lucky enough to witness sobering reenactments of the Battle of Bull Run and even the Battle of Waterloo. Of course this is not always possible, so I am glad there are virtual alternatives for folks who want to relive an important historical event. I don’t care if it’s Twitter or an online forum or carrier pigeons, as long as it allows people to share a moment in history in a way that works for them.

    BTW, I am curious how you picked up of the Twitter history thing. Was is via Newt’s site?

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