One of my my favorite features of the California Academy of Sciences– and there's a lot to like— is the roof. (Though I even liked the temporary building.)

california academy of sciences, via flickr

Yes, it has a kind of Teletubbies thing going on, but it's still cool.

california academy of sciences, via flickr

So I was intrigued by this article on green roofs, in part because while it's generally positive about the growing popularity of green roofs, it ends on a worried note: that these will end up reduced to an architectural gimmick.

At some point a few of these are going to get built, and people are going to realise that green roofs are being used as the new equivalent of mirrored glass; Architects used to show renderings of towers reflecting birds and clouds to somehow make it disappear and be more palatable to residents and planning officials. In the end, people got a big box covered in mirrors. We should be careful that we don’t get sold a whole lot of big boxes with green boxtops, always shown from above. When you are at street level it will be a very different picture.

[via Inhabitat]

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