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Best Going Galt put-down

From Balloon Juice, naturally:

It’s simplistic to say this, but a real world Galt’s Gulch would likely be an insane asylum or a prison.

And this comment:

Please – Galt’s Gulch would be a strip-joint without the strippers, basically. Either that or a usenet rec.sci.* forum IRL.

[To the tune of John Brim, “Ice Cream Man,” from the album Chess Blues 1947-1967 (a 1-star song, imo).]

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  1. Ken Wilber came up with a term “Mean Green Meme” that may describe the Galt Put-Downists. The term refers to a stage in a theory of human development called Spiral Dynamics ( ). The basic concept is that as we develop we move through certain stages (memes) and that each stage is a foundation of the more advanced stages. Ayn Rand is often represented as the iconic figure in the “Orange” stage — a stage that precedes the “Green” phase.

    Wilber’s contention is that the “MGM [Mean Green Meme] includes performative contradictions like anti-hierarchy, anti-competition, etc.” Not everyone buys into the MGM theory but I think that he is onto something.

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