I’ve started a new blog on the future of futures, called Future 2.0. Essentially the blog covers the territory I explored in my Futures 2.0 article (which is due out any day in the next issue of Foresight, by the way) and am still very interested in– basically, how we can use Web 2.0 technologies, ubiquitous computing, and science to make futures more perceptive and persuasive. It’s also the nucleus of a new enterprise I’m starting to realize some of the projects I suggested in the article.

The blog includes material I previously posted here and on IFTF’s Future Now (and its Typepad predecessor), but from here on will be the main place I post about futures-related subjects. Given that Signtific seems to be on indefinite hiatus, I didn’t want the stuff I wrote for Future Now to disappear down the memory hole and be lost (most of all to me!).

[To the tune of Howlin’ Wolf, “Moanin’ At Midnight,” from the album Chess Blues 1947-1967 (a 3-star song, imo).]