I just noticed that Sigma Scan, a project I worked on for the British government a few years ago, has had its Web site redesigned.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet. I came to the conclusion last year that the ways futurists normally communicate with audiences has some serious limitations that are belied by the familiarity we and our clients share for things like scenarios and roadmaps; and that we have some great opportunities to push communication about the future out of texts and into things, or as I put it in another post, "to learn to talk about the future through things." Consequently, while I'm never one to dismiss a good Web site redesign– and Sigma Scan is certainly easier to use now than it was– I think we need to dive deeper into the user experience, and ask how people are actually using this information, and then ask how we can improve delivery of the content to better serve their needs in actual use contexts.