This quote from Ray Kurzweil reads to me like an argument in favor of something I advocate in "Futures 2.0," namely spending more time working on information designer and product developers to help people become more conscious of the long-term impacts of simple, everyday choices:

It‘s a big world out there. No matter how many times I speak — and even with all the press coverage of all these ideas, whether it‘s featuring me or others — I‘m impressed by how many otherwise thoughtful people still haven‘t heard of these ideas.

The problem isn't just that it's a big world, though it certainly is, but that it's one that we move through in ways that makes the future hard to see and act on in the everyday course of events. Perhaps it was once sufficient to think about the future only during unusual events (when the normal patterns seemed to be disrupted), or at specific times (when doing a long-range plan, say), but no more.