Louise Wilson, the feared and beloved head of the fashion program at Central Saint Martins, on the paradox of fashion:

This month’s graduates perhaps have it harder than most. There’s the recession, for one thing, but also the sense that fashion’s never been more fashionable. Innovation is gobbled up by the high street and internet with rude efficiency. “In fact, it’s the worst time for fashion, because of its fashionablity,” groans Wilson.

I wonder if the same could be said for futures. Organizations are, ironically, both more interested in the future (in the sense that they recognize that lots of things are changing really quickly, and they need to keep up); yet they’re also more concerned about the near term (because of precisely the same sets of pressures).

I think what Wilson is pointing to is the problem that as too-fast or too-public an innovation cycle can dampen real innovation and creativity, in favor of turning out stuff that’s novel but crappy. So maybe there’s no comparison there….

[To the tune of Van Morrison, “Slim Slow Slider,” from the album Astral Weeks (a 3-star song, imo).]