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Article on social scanning now available

Last week on Future2 I put up a series of posts on social scanning, my experience with scanning tools, the design of a simple scanning system, and its potential individual and professional benefits. They were extracted from a longer think-piece on social scanning, a PDF of which is now available.

In the next few weeks I’ll flesh it out with footnotes, respond to a few points that people have already brought up, and send it off to a journal. The feedback I’ve gotten suggests that the field could definitely benefit from such a system– if built to be simple, social and scalable (qualities my friend Mike Love and I argued are the hallmarks of good knowledge tools).

[To the tune of Charlie Parker, “Night In Tunisia,” from the album The Charlie Parker Story [Disc 3] (a 3-star song, imo).]

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  1. Hi,

    I just responded to a post from 2005 before realizing it was so old…googled sartorial splendor and there you were…fortunate.

    Have a look at this…very future, www oriented.


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