From a Slate article on the impact of the protests on the Thai sex industry:

[The protesters messed] “this country up,” a man named Tom told me indignantly, as though he had been scammed on a time-share. “I’ve been coming here for years. I’m 75. Where else am I going to find a 25-year-old girl who will sleep with me?” Indeed. How inconvenient for Thailand to have political turmoil that disrupts elderly men’s Viagra-fueled sex binges. Couldn’t they have waited—until he was dead, perhaps—to hash out their grievances with what they feel is an illegitimate government?

Apparently, alternative locations aren’t so attractive, either because of crime, bad food, the absence of any sex tourist industry, and this gem:

the advanced age of many of the men who come to Thailand for sex also means they need to be close to adequate medical care, which much of the rest of Southeast Asia lacks. Thailand has fantastic hospitals for those who have a heart attack or an erection lasting longer than 48 hours.

[To the tune of ZZ Top, “Doubleback,” from the album Greatest Hits (a 1-star song, imo).]