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Last night in London

I’m back in London, after spending a very interesting day in Cambridge. I may be in the for night: I was going to meet a friend, but he has a little kid and so couldn’t make it (don’t I know how that is), so I’ve been uploading pictures and doing some e-mail. I was going to go out, but I took 600 pictures today and a prospective client decided she needs something by end of business TODAY OR THEY WALK, so I’ve been chained to the computer, mailing stuff thousands of miles.

So I may not get back out again tonight. But I can live. I need to pack and stuff, and can maximize my use of the incredible expensive wifi connection.

Scenes from London
embankment and south bank, via flickr

Among other things this has given me a chance to organize my pictures and upload some to Flickr; not only do I have a set of London and Cambridge pictures, I’ve got one devoted to panoramas, which I’m creating using an iPod app, AutoStitch.

More scenes from London
eurotrain platform, st. pancras station, via flickr

The results are kind of insane, as far as I’m concerned. I remember this kind of thing taking minutes on my Mac Quadra (back in what, 1996?), and now I can do this on my iPhone in seconds. Quite awesome.

Scenes from London
Burlington House, via flickr

And London is the kind of place where panoramas are especially useful.

Scenes from London
sick tricks, via flickr

[To the tune of U2, “Wake Up Dead Man,” from the album Pop (a 2-star song, imo).]


  1. So, did you get to see Schaffer while in Cambridge? Any chance of seeing you in DC? Let me know.

  2. Didn't see Schaffer– did you know that HPS is about as transparent and accessible at the CIA? I was able to get into Whipple and buy a postcard, but the porter was disinclined to admit to the existence of Prof. Schaffer, and I didn't have enough time for a heavy bout of drinking anyway.

    DC is a possibility. More in other media!

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