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My hotel

The last few times I’ve been in London, I’ve stayed either at Goodenough Club, hotels near Westminster, or a various little places in South Kensington. This time I’m staying at the Millennium Hotel, on Grosvenor Square.

Grosvenor Square is a fascinatingly American space– but not American in the sense of filled with American stores and food. That’s Leicester Square. (Wham!) Instead, it’s a space that’s a monument to the U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship, and American involvement in Europe more generally. Obviously the U.S. Embassy is here, but the square itself is where the real action is.


There are statues of Roosevelt (above) and Eisenhower (the latter looking especially… distinguished? powerful? gay? I’m not sure), and a monument to the Eagle Squadron, American pilots who served with the RAF before 1942.


Across the street from the square is a plaque commemorating John Adams’ having… lived here or something.


My hotel room is pretty cool– well-designed and spacious.


My bags immediately made themselves comfortable.


Of course, in a hotel on one of the great situations in London, I have a view of… the infrastructure.


But that’s cool. I’m hardly here anyway.

[To the tune of Django Reinhardt, “September Song,” from the album The Best of DJango Reinhardt (a 2-star song, imo).]

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  1. Cozy room you got there, ha? The atmosphere is very much relaxing and the carpet made it more soothing. And oh, you’re window view is…awesome. LOL!

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