I’m in the middle of a week of single parenthood– my wife is spending the week at the Williamsburg Teacher Institute, facilitating a workshop on colonial history, and trying not to pass out in the heat and humidity. Fortunately the kids are in tennis camp during the morning, so I’m able to get some stuff done.

Fortunately, the kids love tennis camp, and seem to have taken to the game. They even drew a rather small tennis court in the backyard. Whether this will last, and whether it’ll mean having to find some place to play on a regular basis, I don’t yet know.

While you’d never know it, I was in Washington DC last week for a conference on “Actionable Foresight” at National Defense University. (I’m still not sure how I fell into the world of military graduate education, but I find it a LOT more to my taste than I ever would have expected.) It’s part of an ongoing series of workshops interested in bringing forecasting closer to decision-making, and I got into it thanks to the Futures 2.0 article. There was some very interesting stuff which I’m still processing, but will start writing about shortly.

[To the tune of Alban Berg Quartet, “String Quartet in F major, Op. 18 No. 1: I. Allegro con brio,” from the album Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets (Disc 1) (a 4-star song, imo).]