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At least I never did this…

Heather is returning today from a week in Williamsburg. I got to play single dad, and apparently I did a better job than some:

Former Michigan Speaker of the House Republican Craig DeRoche was arrested Sunday morning after friends and family called police because DeRoche was drunk and carrying around a gun, the Detroit Free Press reports. This happened because DeRoche’s wife was out of town, and when that happens, you have a license to get drunk and ride bikes with your three children and then break into your own house, get a loaded .40 cal out of your safe, and wave it around in front of your children so they finally respect you.

Time for a second cup of coffee, then to the airport.

[To the tune of Jean Sibelius, “Finlandia, Op. 26,” from the album Finlandia/Tone Poems (a 3-star song, imo).]

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  1. I think saying you did a better job than this is setting the bar a little low…

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