• "[W]hile "modern" management is one of humankind's most important inventions, it is now a mature technology that must be reinvented for a new age…. Current management practices emphasize control, discipline and efficiency above all else — and that's a problem. To thrive in the 21st century, organizations must be adaptable, innovative, inspiring and socially accountable. That will require a genuine revolution in management principles and practices."
  • "Hasn't the Guggenheim heard that the world has changed? At a time of waning American empire and feeble global capitalism, the New York museum is flying a solitary flag of expansion. Its franchises around the world, from Berlin to – coming soon – Abu Dhabi, have earned it an image as the Starbucks of museums. Now yet another is to be created, in a nature reserve in northern Spain, and you may well ask: has the Guggenheim stretched its collections and curatorial imagination too thin?… A Guggenheim in every country would mean the triumph of this museum's intelligent view of modern art, and I would not be burying any flags."
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  • Alcohol-induced behavior has produced many unintended consequences, but pushing up the global price of oil and losing $10 million must rank among the most novel.
  • the economic crisis has exposed long-standing flaws not just in the modern approach to business education but in the very idea of business education.