Z_punkt has come out with a megatrends app for the iPhone. Here's the use case:

You are in an important meeting and everyone is looking to you for answers. The company you work for is trying to decide which direction to take and the top brass is waiting to hear what you have to say about future trends for their area of interest. If you have Megatrends on your phone, you merely open the application for instant data viewing. Everything is there – all the key facts, charts and information that is going to help your company form a decision. It won’t make the decision for them but the data contributes heavily to the overall future picture of industry growth, business development and it even influences government and society.

Interested in climate, health care or demographic predictions? It’s there in Megatrends. All of the top 20 trends can be viewed at a glance or in more detail. You’ll even be supplied with easy to read charts for quick reference.

Download Megatrends on your iPhone to enjoy the unique features:

  • The top 20 megatrends at-a-glance

  • Concisely bundled key driving factors
  • 360 degree radar for social, technological, economic, political, and environmental trends
  • Zoomable charts – one chart per megatrend
  • Your top personal megatrends, sorted by relevance
  • All necessary information on a single page – short, clear, to-the-point

Megatrends is your valuable pocket consultant and strategic planning ally. The affects of today’s trends can be predicted for the next fifteen years or more, allowing you a glimpse of their business impact over two decades. Together, you and Megatrends can grow you business in ways that make perfect economic sense, thereby giving you the biggest edge possible in the marketplace, over the long term.

It's not entirely clear to me that the tradeoff of mobility is worth the reductionism of 20 megatrends, but it's interesting that the app exists.