A review of the new reality TV series, Plain Jane. Whatever you think of the concept, this description is brilliantly written:

Combining elements of makeover fantasies, petal-strewn dating programs, Japanese game shows, magazine columns of the snag-a-man Cosmo sort, and primitive folklore, Plain Jane (the CW, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET) brushes the pleasure receptors with an odd texture of fluff….

[Hostess Jane] Roe advertises herself as a fashion journalist and stylist “hailing from London but now based in L.A.,” and she plays her role with perfection. She is faintly alien, plausibly posh, strategically tacky, and Britishly skinny, her eyelashes thicker than her forearms…. Plain Jane, Roe says, will be “transformed into a new woman with the style and confidence to surprise the man of her dreams on a romantic date.” The real star of the show is that concept—a mission statement so clear and concise that you can practically feel the mineral water fizzing in the pitch meeting.