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On my way to Asia

I’m in the Singapore Air lounge at SFO, on my way to Singapore and Malaysia. I’m spending a day with my dad and stepmother in Singapore (after 40 years as a professor in the US, Pop decided it was time for a new career challenge, and so took a gig in Asia), then on to Malaysia, where I’ll speak at a futures conference. I wrote an article [pdf] about the futures scene in Malaysia a year ago (it’s one of the most forward-looking countries in the world), and some of what I talked about is starting to brew. It’ll be interesting to see it first-hand.

This is an insane trip. My wife had to get up at 4:30 for the San Francisco Marathon, and the kids and I ran the 5K this morning, so we all bundled into the car before dawn, and fought out way to the Embarcadero. Miraculously I found street parking.


The kids enjoyed the 5k, though I think for them it’s not the running that they’ll remember but the number and variety of snacks, samples, juices, and smoothies that they were able to try at the end. When you’re 8 pain is temporary, but the memory of getting a Jamba Juice from a guy in a banana suit is forever.


Then it was back in the minivan, across town to Golden Gate Park, and to the finish line for the half marathon. We got there a minute after she finished, got some food, then headed back to the car and to SFO. Dropped me off, into the loving embrace of Singapore Air.

There are times when you’re made very aware of just how much your family makes your life possible. Exactly two months ago I was in London and Cambridge; now I’m headed to the other side of the world. Most spouses who have to deal with such schedules or who find themselves married to travel addicts take to drink. Next time, she comes with me. The kids have also adjusted well to having a parent away (heaven knows they’ve had plenty of experience), but I think it’s time to take it to the next level. They can find us on Facebook if they need instructions about how to use the stove.

I’ll be in Malaysia until Friday, then I fly back here, and the next day turn around and head for another gig in the Rockies. When it rains it pours.

Naturally I’ve got the mobile version of my life set up. And now that I have a 500 gb hard drive, I can carry pretty much my entire movie collection with me. Not like I need the distraction. It’s just nice to have. I think many travelers have one indulgence of this sort: my dad carries five times as many ties as he could possibly need, other people carry books, yet others pack extra clothes.

In many ways I love Singapore Air, but the one complaint I have about them is the absence of common space: on SAS or United you can get up and stand, which is essential for my sanity; Singapore doesn’t really have any public space, and they’re happiest if you’re just confined to your seat the whole 20 hours. This time, my patrons have put me in business class, which means I essentially have my own cabin. My hope is I can do some calisthenics in it without disturbing other passengers. Seriously.

Of course, as always, the main attraction for this kind of trip is the chance to get some serious thinking and writing done. I need to work more on my talk, but I’m also going to try to finish “Paper Spaces 2: Revenge of the Fallen” before I return home. I’ve really got all the material I need to get it done, and I can only re-watch Mission Impossible 3 so many times in one 24-hour period.

[To the tune of Pat Metheny, “Holding Us,” from the album A Map Of The World (a 3-star song, imo).]


  1. yes, take Heather with you. Life is short. Do it now!

  2. Sounds good, I go on the next trip. Safe travels dear.

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