• How in the world is history of science not in this list?
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  • The amount of time students spend studying has declined precipitously since the 1960s. Why? Among other things, a "nonaggression pact exists between many faculty members and students: Because the former believe that they must spend most of their time doing research and the latter often prefer to pass their time having fun," each side agrees "not to impinge on the other.
  • "The more you hear about the business community being worried about the future because it is "uncertain" about federal income taxes, the more you realize that it actually is the one pushing for increased uncertainty. There already is absolute certainty about the tax cuts enacted in the early 2000s: Under existing law they expire at midnight December 31, 2010.  Do nothing and we can all be absolutely certain that rates will go up.  Somehow, however, that certainty is being defined as creating uncertainty. By contrast, the changes to the existing law the business community is saying are so important to economic growth will require new legislation and, especially these days, the legislative process is about as unpredictable as you can get."