Today, at long last, the kids went back to school. Peninsula starts late– I interpret it as yet another test of parental loyalty to the institution, a kind of Hell Week ritual– and this last week I’ve more or less played full-time dad.

Fortunately the kids are old enough to manage themselves much of the time, and if you get several of them together they’re pretty self-entertaining: on good days I could make a couple large bowls of popcorn, give one of them a watch and tell them not to bother me until lunch, and crank up the headphones. If you’re lucky, though, even then you can get to about 50% attention.

Not that I’m really complaining. While it’s never easy, it’s always worth it to be a parent, and I’m grateful to have the kind of life where I can devote time to them. And frankly, the world won’t end because I couldn’t focus enough to finish revisions to the social scanning article last week (the reviewers were pretty kind to me, so they shouldn’t be too hard).

Still, it’s nice to have the space to sink into a text and ideas.

[To the tune of Steely Dan, “Midnite Cruiser,” from the album Citizen (a 4-star song, imo).]