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Revising the social scanning article

At Kepler’s, in Menlo Park.

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  1. No laptop?! What year was this photo taken?! 😉

  2. Ha! I still reach a point where I have to print out an article and edit it by hand– cover the thing in annotations and Post-Its, then carry the changes back into the electronic document. There's a tangibility to editing that I find is inescapable; plus the printed document gives me a better sense of the overall length and balance of the piece than the screen version.

    I think of it like field-testing a prototype that you've designed via CAD. You take it out, play with it, carve down the edges– then put the object in a 3D scanner that reads the hand-made changes back into the CAD file. Only you're carving up ideas.

  3. Totally hear you. I’m the same way. I also like to stick my papers up on my whiteboard and move them around.

    It’s a good indication of how far digital technology needs to go to surpass the affordances of more traditional mediums. With large, high-resolution screens and touch interfaces, we’re starting to see the physical capabilities catch up, and there’s even a possibility of surpassing traditional tools. I think we’re still far behind as far as software goes.

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