As is my wont, while working on a proposal yesterday I had the TV on in the background, and cued up The Running Man (thanks Netflix!).

What impressed me about the movie is how parts of it have aged terribly, but others seem more likely. The computer graphics and IT stuff are laughable now: everyone in the movie uses land lines (though the phones have an oddly phallic quality), the laptop computers are the size of suitcases, there are no cellphones, and computer graphics are pre-Tron quality. And the aesthetic is part Miami Vice, part Blade Runner.

But extrajudicial measures as a form of entertainment? Ordinary Americans turned on by bloodlust and live executions? An evil Englishman using the media to support a far right regime?* Boy, none of that seems likely.

The semi-serious point is that fashion and technology are impossible and kind of hard, respectively, to forecast over the long term. But social and political stuff unfolds much more slowly.

*Okay, so Murdoch is Australian. Life doesn't imitate art perfectly.