After lunch with one of the founders of the field of cognitive archaeology, it's off to Parker's Pieces to catch the bus to Oxford. I'm commenting / chairing a session tomorrow in a conference on visualization in the age of computerisation, a subject that of course is slightly irresistable to me.

I've decided to try the kamikaze-like move of not taking any laptop at all– just my camera, beloved Moleskine notebook, plenty to read and write, and my iPhone. I want to reduce the amount of stuff I'm carrying, but I also suspect this a secret way to convince myself that I could really use an iPad– that under the right circumstances, I could make it a viable mobile tool. Fortunately the waiting times for the new iPad are insane, so I'm in no danger of actually getting one.

Besides, it's good to play around with tools, to better understand which ones you really need, and which ones you don't. Self-experimentation is always valuable.