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Pretty much how I’ve felt about all of Cambridge

Down at Addenbrookes today, giving a talk about weight loss and futures. Across the parking lot from the building where I was speaking, there was this lab:

Pretty much how I feel about ALL of Cambridge
sign via flickr

Though for me, all of Cambridge has been a center for brain repair. I’m not sure if I can make a whole new career as Mr. Contemplative Computing (though I seem to have tapped into a set of anxieties and hopes even deeper than I expected), but whatever happens when I go back to California, I feel about as sharp and intellectually engaged as any time in my whole life.


  1. Was the Centre founded by Edgar Cayce?

  2. I certainly hope not– Cayce was an American.

  3. I was making a joke.

  4. I know– if you’d been talking about Crowley, on the other hand, I’d have been concerned….

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