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Speaking tomorrow on spaces, media and collaboration

I’m giving a talk tomorrow at the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University London. Essentially it’s a live performance of the paper spaces article, though I’ll also try to tie in some of what I’ve learned from the contemplative computing project as well.

Here’s the abstract:

In this talk Alex will explore relationship between space and media. We normally treat spaces and media as different things, but our interaction with such communicative media as newspapers, paintings, books, and maps has an important embodied, physical dimension to it, which can be exploited to support collaborative work. This talk will describe how large-scale media, such as wall-sized maps and floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, support collaboration in four cases: analog circuit design, Buckminster Fuller’s World Game, emergency tabletop exercises, and expert workshops conducted by futurists. Alex will talk about how each invites invite participation, annotation, and reinterpretation by users as opposed to passive consumption, and how they support the generation of common knowledge. Finally, he will show how in the near-future we will be able to design digital tools that better support collaboration.

I’ve also put together a Prezi because it’s a talk about spaces and media and collaboration… and because that’s what I do.


  1. I like how you’ve used the trading zone concept here.

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