I’m back in California, and slowly readjusting to life in the Pacific Time Zone. My mother went back to Virginia on Tuesday, my wife and I did our taxes, the kids are starting to angle and maneuver for summer programs and favors, and I’ve nearly finished unpacking all the books and articles I acquired in Cambridge.

Just to make my return to California official, a couple nights ago I fired up the grill and flame-broiled dinner.

via flickr

The next day I went to my favorite cafe to work.

Back among my people: latte at Cafe Zöe
back among my people, via flickr

Even as I get back into my previous life, I’m trying to keep alive some things I started doing in Cambridge. We haven’t yet found a good source of cider or a 500 year-old pub, but I’m biking as much as possible, and am going to get a new non-shock absorbing front fork for my mountain bike, so I can use my giant English wicket bike basket. (I genuinely don’t care how it looks.) And we put up a bird feeder outside the kitchen, like the one we had in England. Even though it mainly attracted squirrels.

Bird enjoying nuts
birds in cambridge, via flickr

[To the tune of Eddie Hazel, “California Dreamin’,” from the album Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs (a 4-star song, imo).]