Yes, it sounds a bit like an obscure joke, but via Future Pundit comes this new piece of research suggesting “a link between weight loss and improved memory and concentration.” From the abstract:

Growing evidence has shown that obesity is associated with poor neurocognitive outcomes. Bariatric surgery has been shown to be an effective intervention for morbid obesity and can result in improvement of many co-morbid medical conditions that are associated with cognitive dysfunction. The effects of bariatric surgery on cognition are unknown….

We performed a prospective study total of 150 subjects (109 bariatric surgery patients enrolled in the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery project and 41 obese control subjects who had not undergone bariatric surgery). These 150 subjects completed a cognitive evaluation at baseline and at 12 weeks of follow-up. The demographic, medical, and psychosocial information was also collected to elucidate the possible mechanisms of change. [S]urgery patients had improved memory performance at 12 weeks of follow-up… The present results suggest that cognitive impairment is common in bariatric surgery patients, although these deficits might be at least partly reversible. Future studies are needed to clarify the underlying mechanisms, in particular, longitudinal studies using neuroimaging and blood markers.

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