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Packing up my office

It's my last day at Microsoft Research Cambridge. with the exception of a couple papers, which I'll finish reading and then recycle, I seem to have cleared out my office pretty completely….

my office before the cleanup, via flickr

It's been an extraordinary time, and I've been able to do some work that I think will bear some good results. It'll continue to evolve when I'm back home, but I think I'm onto something, even if the current version of the magnum opus is still evolving rapidly.

Gotta take my boxes of books downstairs (the Cambridge and Ely bookstores have done very well by me) and finish a couple readers' reports. Then rewrite the introduction of the essay.

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  1. I love your office, Alex! Especially the exercise ball, haha. I bet you’ve created tons of memories with that office, both good and bad. What’s your favorite among them? Btw, I’m amazed that that photo was taken before the clean up. You must be a really organized person!

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