From the New York Magazine article on bottle service:

"Some of the girls definitely think, 'He’s going to fly me to California and make me his wife!' But then most of them are just like, 'Guess who I just did in the bathroom?' "

Ummm. Wow?

It actually gets better, and if the whole piece were a song, it would be Steely Dan's "Everything Must Go" playing in a small club around 1 a.m.

Kelly… is hooking up with a 20-year-old male model but he’s not here tonight and she’s got her eye out for something else. Girls like her are either dating older men with money or young and good-looking ones without. There is a stupendous symmetry to this. The rich old men want to be young and good-looking and the young ones want to be rich, but both are sleeping with the same girl….

The exchange happens like this. A girl will say to a guy she has not slept with yet, but perhaps they have kissed or she’s let him touch her, "I'm short on my rent" or "There's this dress I really want." After sleeping with him a few times, she might say, "I need a tan. I should go to Miami." The beauty is in the subtle gaucheness.