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Another book giveaway

In the course of reorganizing my home office (I’m starting serious work on my next book, on contemplative computing), I’ve made another cull of my book collection. Like last year, I’ve got several large boxes of books that are duplicates, books I read long ago, or books I’m honestly never going to read. Some are in pristine condition (alas), while others are annotated. I’m looking to give away to someone who can use them– preferably a grad student in history of science / STS or some related field, but that’s highly negotiable.

Many of them are really outstanding, but the trajectory of my professional work is such that they’re no longer really relevant for me, and I’ve got more books coming in the door every day. Here’s a picture of many, but not quite all, the books I’m giving away.

Books to give away
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The terms of the giveaway are:

  1. The books are free; all you pay is postage (about $25-30 per box).
  2. You take the whole set, which consists largely of books in history of science; contemporary science, science policy, or science and business; and a few in history of art and architecture. I don’t really have time to publish a catalog of all the books, and mail them out individually; plus as a collection it has some measure of integrity or structure that I think is of some small value, and worth preserving.

If you’re interested, contact me at askpang at gmail dot com.


  1. For some reason, this post made me kind of sad.

  2. Oh, I don’t feel sad about it. It’s the intellectual equivalent of moving out of a house you’ve liked but no longer suits you. And I tend to take a very functional approach to books: they’re meant to be used, and if I can’t, it’s better to let someone who CAN use them take them. Besides, I’m always buying more, and need the room.

    And granted, it does signify my continuing move away from conventional academic history of science and technology, but life goes on.

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