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New iPhone

Yesterday I dropped my iPhone 3 G, and of course I didn’t have the case on, so I managed to damage the cellular antenna (the wifi and cellphone parts of the phone have different antennas). After a couple hours, it was clear that the phone reception was pretty messed up, so this morning I went to the Genius Bar and had them take a look at it.

They were able to get some of the connectivity back, but I decided, it’s time to get another phone. So I got an iPhone 4, a case that I’ll ACTUALLY KEEP ON THE PHONE AT ALL TIMES, and a screen protector.

I also decided to get a bluetooth keyboard, which works with this generation of iPhone. I’m still hopeful that I can dispense with the laptop when I’m not doing really high-intensity editorial work or writing, and the keyboard is an essential component in making any such plan come true– whether it’s with the iPhone, an iPad, or something else. There’s just no comparison between how quickly I can type, and my pecking on the little thumb-sized virtual keyboards.

I doubt I’ll be able to dispense with the Macbook often, but I’m going to think seriously about what things I actually use on the Mac when I’m working, and how I could replicate them on some combination of mobile device, keyboard, and cloud.

I’ve done some writing in Google Docs, and I think that for at least parts of my book project, and many articles, I could use it instead of Word; I also need to look at having a setup where I have master copies of Word or other documents living in the cloud, and accessed by various devices. (Actually, for things like my personal library of PDFs of scholarly articles, I wonder if iCloud would actually be useful.)

I’ve also got to find a case for the keyboard, and a stand for the iPhone– and preferably have both functionalities in the same object, which I suspect I’ll have to commission from someone.

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