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Academic publishing “is pure rentier capitalism”

George Monbiot calls publishers like Elsevier and Springer “the most ruthless capitalists in the Western world”:

What we see here is pure rentier capitalism: monopolising a public resource then charging exorbitant fees to use it. Another term for it is economic parasitism. To obtain the knowledge for which we have already paid, we must surrender our feu to the lairds of learning.

Open-access publishing, despite its promise, and some excellent resources such as the Public Library of Science and the physics database, has failed to displace the monopolists…. The reason is that the big publishers have rounded up the journals with the highest academic impact factors, in which publication is essential for researchers trying to secure grants and advance their careers. You can start reading open-access journals, but you can’t stop reading the closed ones.

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  1. damn pressure that kills creativity, explorations and for those non-US researchers a true killer of research that interested that particular region because you must publish in certain journeys that are, by accident of course, americans. This has enormous influence in the policies of research

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