Forgive me if I've referenced this before, but I find this new Wellcome Collection project too interesting:

The urge to be busy defines modern life. Rest can seem hard to find, whether in relation to an exhausted body, a racing mind or a hectic city. Should we slow down, or should we embrace intense activity? What effects do each of these states have on the health of our bodies and minds? Such questions frequently find their way into media reports and everyday conversations, but there has never been any sustained interdisciplinary attempt to answer them. The Hub will gather international experts investigating hubbub and rest at different scales, to breathe new life into the questions we ask about rest and busyness.

It's not really clear to me what The Hub is, other than yet another converted lofty-Ikea-filled team collaboration buzzspace, but hey, those aren't bad, and you can always escape them when you need solitude. Still, you can't fault the idea of a project on rest and busyness.