It’s been almost a year since I last posted to my personal blog; I’ve poured most of the time and energy that I would have devoted to blogging to my next book, and what other time was left has gone to my professional blogs (and a little to Twitter and Facebook, of course). I’ve also been slowly moving over to WordPress, hosting the Deliberate Rest blog on a WordPress service, and finally decided that the time had come to either close down these older properties, or relocate them.

Life's better when we're connected

Now that the book is done, and Memorial Day weekend gave me a bit of time, I decided to take the plunge.

I first consolidated several blogs— my personal blog, and two subject-specific projects on futures and the end of cyberspace— into one, exported that, and then sent it to Typepad 2 WordPress for conversion.

I also moved the domain name from GoDaddy to, as it seemed easier to deal with everything in one place (and because I was having serious trouble making things work otherwise, to tell the truth). That took a few hours, which I suppose is okay given how disruptive it would be to lose a domain accidentally, or to have it stolen— and given that it was estimated to take several days.


The whole process was a lot less painful than I expected. There’s always some cleanup you need to do, and I helped myself years ago by using Flickr for my blog photos (so I didn’t have to import lots of pictures), but generally it was pretty smooth.

The main reason I moved from Typepad is that I want to try to consolidate my various online identities, gather together my scattered activities, and make it easier to reassemble and repurpose material.

Right now I’ve got accounts on Typepad, WordPress, and Strikingly (for the Distraction Addiction book advertisement page); I’d like to get that down to two, or even one, if possible.

I also would love to have a workflow where everything goes through one or two sites— this one and the deliberate rest blog (or the blog of whatever live project I have going on)— and then Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. get pinged about new material, rather than do things separately across these different platforms. Buffer helps consolidate some of this, but I still feel like Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook aren’t really useful platforms for gathering and remembering thing, which is something I need.

Finally something worth reading

I would also to have things working so I can more easily take posts, put them together, revise them, and republish them in ebook format. For me a blog is useful as a first— or maybe half— draft of other things, and so I’d like the workflow to better support that.

Unfortunately, in this category, while WordPress has tons of plugins for reposting to Buffer, copying to Evernote, etc., it’s not clear that Typepad is keeping up— or is able to keep up.

So we’ll see how this goes!