Cowboy hat

I bought a cowboy hat when I was in Montana, and decided to bring it with me. I tend to become somewhat more American when I come here, partly because clients are buying a certain Silicon Valley aura, and partly because I never want to become one of those Americans who after a month here sounds like a BBC announcer.

my hat, via flickr

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I relocated permanently: after six months, would I look and sound like Yosemite Sam?

Anyway, even though it’s essentially a piece of luggage, the hat is great: it’s actually warm, will be very useful in the rain, and like any piece of unorthodox clothing has its cultural uses. People see the hat, not the person.


But I have to admit: I like how it looks. I particularly like the shadow I cast wearing it and a long coat. It’s the kind of silhouette that ought to be filmed in slow motion with Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” blasting in the background. Not that I look as good as the shadow. Yet.

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