A note about the blog

Attacking that word count

This site is built atop a blog I started in 2002. Those 5000+ posts have moved through Blogger, Movable Type, Typepad, and a couple different iterations of WordPress. They’re not all here any longer: for reasons that no one can figure out, there’s something in the database that fatally hangs up the site. So I’ve judiciously added things from select categories that still interest me, and that might continue to have some relevance in the future.

Reworking the digital sabbath chapter

It still has my most popular posts, on postacademic careers.

It’s interesting: in contrast to Twitter or Facebook, I’ve always thought of blogs are more permanent, at least as electronic content goes. But my recent experience with this WordPress theme challenges that assumption.

London 2019

Anyway, I’ll continue posting here, to some degree, but more of my activity happens on the Deliberate Rest blog now, anyway.

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