In Dulles


Despite my flight from SFO being delayed, I made it to Dulles with time to spare, and am recharging a little.


Given how much time I spend on planes, I’m thinking I should write something about how to apply the principles of deliberate rest to travel, and while on the road.

I now travel with a Cabeau Evolution neck pillow. I resisted them for ages, and tried a couple cheap ones that were trouble than they were worth, but this thing is amazing. It doesn’t give you a perfect night’s sleep in economy class (what can, short of serious drugs?) but it does help.


I think about 90% of what I talk about in REST can be mobilized and taken on the road. Certainly I’ve developed a lot of routines and material practices that are meant to make working and speaking on the road as easy as possible, and a lot of those have drawn on my research.

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