If the inventor of the labradoodle can regret their work, what hope is there for any of us?

This sums up their feeling about being at the vet. Ariel dislikes it, while Davis is happy with any attention.

Having just finished my book, I was not ready for the news that another creator now considers his most famous work– the labradoodle!– is his “life’s regret:”

In a recent interview on an ABC podcast, Wally Conron says the invention is his “life’s regret” and he hasn’t “got a clue” why people are still breeding them today…. “I opened a Pandora’s box” Wally told ABC, “I released a Frankenstein”.

As I say to myself whenever I see a video of an owner going from an overturned trash can or torn-up bag of treats to a guilty-looking dog in the corner, That dog is innocent.

And no, the dogs in the picture are not labradoodles, but my own dogs, showing how they feel about being at the vet.

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